There are three major categories for Reel Health – all receiving a trophy and cash prize.

In addition, there is a Creative Award category which recognises an artistic or creative approach. The judging panel will decide the winner of this category from all films submitted.

An overall winner will be selected from all films submitted.

Each film selected for the Official Screening will receive a Festival Laurel.

All films must be 15 minutes or less.


Behind the scenes

Many stories of health focus on areas in the public face; however there are people, processes and ideas behind the scenes that are equally important. This category is an opportunity to explore the areas not easily seen and lend a voice to those not heard.

Get well soon

At the heart of healthcare is the desire to see someone get well soon. This category reflects the impact of health on the family or community and the desire to see healing. The emotion of watching someone recover from a health issue can be difficult and challenging, yet from that often comes inspiration and positivity.

The journey

Experiences in health are often personal journeys. Whether it is the patient’s experience or that of their family and friends – to the career pathway of a nurse or the evolution of health issue in modern society – there is a journey that can be shared for the benefit of everyone. These are stories filled with emotion, grace and pride.

How to submit

Films can be submitted directly or through Film Freeway.

In order to submit directly, please complete the Direct Application Form and email to Jonathan Green: with a downloadable copy of your film.

A downloadable copy is required as a complete list of all films is created for the judging panel to view. No person – including the judging panel – will be able to copy or share any submissions and they will remain secure and private.

Terms and Conditions